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U.S. District Court

Northern District of Illinois (Chicago)


Laborers Intl Un NA, et al v. Matassa, et al

Filed: 05/25/99
Assigned to: Hon. Elaine E. Bucklo
Demand: $0,000
Nature of Suit: 720
Lead Docket: None
Jurisdiction: Federal Question
Dkt# in other court: None
Cause: 29:185 Labor/Mgt. Relations (Contracts)

OF NORTH AMERICA                  [COR LD NTC A]
     plaintiff                    David Edward Gordon
                                  Barack, Ferrazzano, Kirschbaum,
                                  Perlman & Nagelberg
                                  333 West Wacker Drive
                                  Suite 2700
                                  Chicago, IL 60606
                                  (312) 984-3100
DAVID SCHIPPERS, in his           Robert Eliot Shapiro
official capacity as Temporary    (See above)
Trustee of Laborers' Local 2      [COR LD NTC A]
     plaintiff                    David Edward Gordon
                                  (See above)
LOCAL 2 LABORERS, an              James D. Montgomery
affiliated entity of the           [term  07/27/99] 
Laborers' International Union     [COR LD NTC A]
of North America                  Randall W. Schwartz
     defendant                     [term  07/27/99] 
                                  James D. Montgomery &
                                  Associates, Ltd.
                                  111 West Washington
                                  Suite 823
                                  Chicago, IL 60602
                                  (312) 977-0200
                                  Patrick Edward Deady
                                  Edward M. Hogan
                                  [COR NTC]
                                  Hogan, Marren & McCahill, Ltd.
                                  205 North Michigan Avenue
                                  Suite 4300
                                  Chicago, IL 60601
                                  (312) 946-1800
JOHN - MATASSA, JR                George N. Leighton
     defendant                    [COR LD NTC A]
                                  Earl L. Neal & Associates
                                  111 West Washington Street
                                  Suite 1700
                                  Chicago, IL 60602
                                  (312) 641-7144
                                  Peter Stephan Faraci
                                  Faraci & Faraci
                                  111 West Washington Street
                                  Suite 1720
                                  Chicago, IL 60602
                                  (312) 606-9049


DATE     #                   DOCKET     ENTRY

5/25/99  1       COMPLAINT - Civil cover sheet - Appearance(s) of David
                 Edward Gordon, Robert Eliot Shapiro as attorney(s) for
                 plaintiffs (Two originals and two copies of summons(es)
                 issued.) (Documents: 1-1 through 1-3) (bc)
                 [Entry date 05/26/99]

5/25/99  --      RECEIPT regarding payment of filing fee paid; on 5/25/99 in
                 the amount of $ 150.00,  receipt # 1043386. (bc)
                 [Entry date 05/26/99]

5/26/99  2       APPLICATION by plaintiffs for temporary restraining order,
                 and for preliminary injunction; Memorandum in support;
                 Notice. (bc) [Entry date 05/27/99] [Edit date 05/27/99]

5/26/99  3       EXHIBITS by plaintiffs to memorandum of law in support of
                 motion for temporary restraining order [2-1] (bc)
                 [Entry date 05/27/99]

5/26/99  4       MINUTE ORDER of 5/26/99 by Hon. Elaine E. Bucklo :
                 Plaintiffs' application for temporary restraining order and
                 for preliminary injunction is entered and continued to
                 5/27/99 at 4:00 p.m. [2-1] [2-2] No notice (bc)
                 [Entry date 05/27/99]

5/27/99  5       MOTION by defendant Local 2 Laborers to dismiss complaint;
                  (Attachments); (bc) [Entry date 05/28/99]

5/27/99  6       MINUTE ORDER of 5/27/99 by Hon. Elaine E. Bucklo:
                 Plaintiff's motion for TRO is denied as moot as parties
                 worked out an agreement. Plaintiff's motion for preliminary
                 injunction and defendants' motion to dismiss are entered
                 and continued to the status hearing set for 7/30/99 at
                 10:00 a.m. [5-1] [2-1] [2-2] Mailed notice (bc)
                 [Entry date 05/28/99]

5/27/99  7       ATTORNEY APPEARANCE for defendant Local 2 Laborers  by
                 Randall W. Schwartz and James D. Montgomery (bc)
                 [Entry date 05/28/99]

5/27/99  8       RESPONSE by defendant Local 2 Laborers to application for
                 temporary restraining order [2-1] and motion for
                 preliminary injunction [2-2]; Notice. (bc)
                 [Entry date 05/28/99]

5/27/99  9       EXHIBITS by plaintiff David Schippers regarding motion for
                 temporary restraining order [2-1] (bc) [Entry date 05/28/99]

5/28/99  10      RETURN OF SERVICE executed as to defendants John - Matassa
                 Jr and Local 2 Laborers on 5/26/99 (bc)
                 [Entry date 06/01/99]

5/28/99  11      ATTORNEY APPEARANCE for defendant John Matassa Jr by George
                 N. Leighton, Peter Stephan Faraci (bc) [Entry date 06/01/99]

6/2/99   12      MINUTE ORDER of 6/2/99  by Hon. Elaine E. Bucklo:  Edward
                 Hogan and Patrick E. Deady are given leave to file their
                 appearances as additional counsel for defendant. Mailed
                 notice (bc) [Entry date 06/03/99]

6/2/99   13      ATTORNEY APPEARANCE for defendant Local 2 Laborers  by
                 Edward M. Hogan, Patrick Edward Deady (bc)
                 [Entry date 06/03/99]

7/26/99  14      AGREED motion by defendant Local 2 Laborers to substitute
                 attorneys Hogan, Marren & McCahill; Notice. (bc)
                 [Entry date 07/27/99]

7/27/99  15      MINUTE ORDER of 7/27/99 by Hon. Elaine E. Bucklo:
                 Defendant, Laborers' Local 2's agreed motion for leave to
                 withdraw the appearance of the Law Firm of James D.
                 Montgomery & Associtae Ltd. is granted. Hogan, Marren &
                 McCahill, Ltd. is allowed to substitute as sole counsel for
                 defendant [14-1]. Mailed notice (bc) [Entry date 07/28/99]

7/30/99  16      STIPULATION of dismissal (ip) [Entry date 08/03/99]

8/2/99   17      MINUTE ORDER of 8/2/99  by Hon. Elaine E. Bucklo: Status
                 hearing held. Pursuant to stipulation of dismissal, this
                 action is hereby dismissed without prejudice. The court
                 retains jurisdiction in the event any prospective
                 interference with the emergency trusteeship occurs. Any
                 pending motion in the case is terminated as moot. Defendant
                 2-1, 2-2 and 5-1 are terminated as moot.   terminating
                 case Mailed notice (ip) [Entry date 08/03/99]

10/21/99 18      TRANSCRIPT of proceedings for the following date(s):
                 5/27/99  Before Honorable Elaine E. Bucklo (bc)
                 [Entry date 10/22/99]

1/28/00  19      REPLY by plaintiff Laborers Intl Un NA in support of their
                 motion for reassignment based on relatedness; Notice. (bc)
                 [Entry date 02/01/00]

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END OF DOCKET: 1:99cv3478


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