October 23, 2020

John Fecarotta

Reputed mob leader, 58, and a former union business agent and suspect in at least 2 murders. He was gunned down while being chased by at least two men through an alley on the Northwest Side. Fecarotta apparently believed he was being taken to participate in a 3-man hit team. Fecarotta was wearing gloves and was carrying two weapons, one an unloaded .38, when he was shot four times, and a final time in the back of his head, at the doorway of Brown's Banquets Inc., a bingo hall at 6050 W. Belmont Ave in Chicago. Lived at 268 Gage Road in Riverside. The bullets from the .38 that Fecarotta was carrying, had apparently been emptied as they drove to the murder site in a 1986 Buick Century that was left at the scene. The bullets, taken from the gun before it was given to Fecarotta, were still on the front seat of the car. Fecarotta was a juice loan collector for crime syndicate loan sharks. He was a business agent and organizer for Local 8 of the Industrial Workers Union, although federal officials charged he was a ghost employee. He lost the union job in 1982 during a federal probe of the union. The killers were picked up by a second car after the killing, witnesses said. Fecarotta was involved in a dispute with John Serpico, international vice president of the Laborers International Union of North America and President of Local 8. Both Serpico and Fecarotta were called to testify before an April 1985 Grand Jury probing organized crime infiltration of the unions. Fecarotta was ranked the number 3 man behind Angelo LaPietra, First Ward and Near South Side rackets boss who was serving a 16 year jail term, at the time.