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Eddie Garofalo
One of 19 Victims of Mob Hitman
Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano

Garofalo Relative Speaks Out

The daughters of murdered New York contractor Eddie Garofalo expressed their gratitude to CCPA President John J. Flood in an e-mail letter this week.

Garofalo, a New York construction contractor, was murdered by Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano, who confessed to murdering 19 people during his long, vicious career as a New York Gambino Crime Family hitman and later underboss to now incarcerated John Gotti. Garofalo, who has 3 children, was related to Gravano by marriage. Garofalo's daughters, Laura and Karen, have joined with the families of 14 other Gravano murder victims to prevent Gravano from profiting from the Peter Maas book, Underboss.

Eddie Garofalo was related to Gravano. Gravano admitted to murdering him allegedly on orders from the late Gambino Crime Family Boss Paul “Big Pauly” Castellano and Gotti.

Gotti’s version of the killing is sharply contrasts Gravano’s, who was released from jail after serving only 5 years in a plea agreement that had him testify against Gotti and some 3 dozen other New York mob hoodlums.

According to Gotti, and verified during interviews with Garofalo relatives, Gravano demanded the killing and after the murder, assumed control over all of his murdered brother-in-law’s construction business enterprises.

It was FBI taped conversations of Gotti and others complaining about Gravano’s business greed and his manipulation of the Gambino Crime Family to have business rivals murdered, including union liaison and “friend” Robert “DiB” DiBernardo.

DiB was shot in the back of the head by a Gravano underling while DiB was having coffee with Gravano at Gravano’s office. Garofalo was shot by Gravano in his construction warehouse.

Eight of the murdered victims were killed while Gravano worked as underboss to Gotti, including the killings of Paul Castellano and Big Pauly’s driver, Thomas Bilotti. The remaining eleven were murdered by Gravano while Gravano was a hitman for Castellano and Castellano’s predecessor, Don Carlo Gambino.

Karen and Laura Garofalo and the children of other Gravano killings have formed a support group to battle Gravano and to insure that he does not financially benefit from his story, which was detailed in a new book by Valachi Papers author Peters Maas called Underboss. The support group is called "Families United for Justice."

Karen Garofalo writes:
“Finally, a law enforcement official who understands JUSTICE!
“I would like officer Flood to accept my heartfelt appreciation.
“I am Karen Garofalo, daughter of one of Gravano’s victims and I’m working hard to see that Gravano can no longer abuse the system.
“Thanks again for your help.
Karen Garofalo.

Laura Garofalo adds:
"We, myself and 14 other families, have formed FAMILIES UNITED FOR JUSTICE, a foundation whose strength will hopefully prevent Gravano from profiting from his book. We've gottent he support of New York's Governor George Pataki and the NY State's Attorney General Dennis has filed suit against Gravano, Harper Collins (the publisher) and Peter Maas -- all this based ont he Son-of-Sam Law stating that a murderer cannot profit from his crimes."
Laura Garofalo

We wish them all luck and support and encouragement.

Thank you, Karen and Laura! flame picture

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