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Vincent M. Iaccino, III

Underling, writer for
Cicero Town President Betty Loren-Maltese

In May 1988, Iaccino was charged with drugging and sexually molesting a 17 year old boy.

Iaccino got the youth drunk, then induced him to take amyl nitrate, also known as Poppers, and the drove him to an apartment in Oak Park where he performed oral sex on the boy.

He was arrested April 2. (The boy still lives in Cicero)

A former reporter for the Berwyn/Cicero Life Newspapers. Publisher of the Observer Newspaper, the political publication of Cicero's Mafia Princess Betty Loren-Maltese. Also, editor of the quarterly Cicero Youth News, and editor of the Town of Cicero Newsletter, published monthly.

Employed by the Town Organization of Cicero and the Town of Cicero, preparing political materials for Loren-Maltese. Investigated in 1993 for forging VIP Passes to the Wisconsin Dells that he resold to friends. He gave one to the Town President. A user was stopped and arrested in the Dells when a guard there noticed that a list of rides printed on the back of the card was outdated and included several discountinued rides.

During the April 1993 election, Iaccino submitted a phoney column allegedly written by a priest commenting on the election battle abd the role of separating church and state. Iaccino claimed he knew the writer well, and asked that it be included in The Observer, which was managed by Betty's campaign staff. After the column ran, Tom McNamee from the Chicago Sun-Times reported that the priest, G. Gorden Henderson, had died more than 8 years earlier.

Iaccino was under investigation in 1996 and 1997 for allegedly directing the Town of Cicero to pay for part of the publication of The Observer, which he assumed control of in 1994 as Publisher & Editor. The Town of Cicero paid $18,000 in typesetting bills to the Hurt Brothers Printing on 35th Street. When the issue surfaced, Loren-Maltese moved to repay the Town for the money, alleging that the mistake had been incurred by one of her political opponents in the Feb. 27, 1997 Republican election primary.

Iaccino operates out of the back offices of the Cicero Observer, which also serves as the official headquarters of the Town Republican Organization of Cicero, 3501 S. Central Ave., Cicero.

Iaccino received salaries from both the Town of Cicero and the Town Republican Organization.

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IPSN  1997-2006 All Rights reserved. Not for republication on the internet without permission.