Operation Family Secrets Chart of 18 Mob Murders 1970-1986
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Operation Family Secrets
RICO murders and attempted murder] 970-1986
August 1970  Michael Albergo in  Chicago
September 27, 1974 Daniel Seifert in Bensenville
June 24, 1976    Paul Haggerty in Chicago
March 15, 1977    Henry Cosentino
January 16, 1978    John Mendell in Chicago
January 31, 1978    Donald Renno and Vincent Moretti in Cicero
July 2, 1980    William and Charlotte Dauber in Will County
December 30, 1980 William Petrocelli in Cicero
June 24, 1981   Michael Cagnoni in DuPage County

 September 13, 1981

Nicholas D'Andrea in Chicago Heights
April 24, 1982    attempted murder of Individual A in Lake County
July 23, 1983    Richard D. Ortiz / Arthur Morawski in Cicero
June 7, 1986    Emil Vaci in Phoenix
June 14, 1986    Anthony and Michael Spilotro in DuPage Co.
September 14, 1986 John Fecarotta in Chicago

Operation Family Secrets
United States v. Calabrese, et al., 02 CR 1050

Count One Racketeering Conspiracy (RICO)
James Marcello, Joseph Lombardo, Frank Calabrese, Sr., Nicholas W. Calabrese, Frank Schweihs. Frank Saladino, Paul Schiro, Michael Marcello, Nicholas Ferriola, Anthony Doyle and Michael Ricci
Count Two Conducting an Illegal Gambling Business
James Marcello, Michael Marcello, Thomas Johnson, Joseph Venezia and Dennis Johnson
Count Three Obstructing a Criminal Investigation
James Marcello and Michael Marcello
Count Four Extortion
Frank Calabrese, Sr., and Nicholas Ferriola
Count Five Conducting an Illegal Gambling Business
Frank Calabrese, Sr., and Nicholas Ferriola
Count Six Extortion
Frank Schweihs
Count Seven Extortionate Collection of Credit
Frank Schweihs
Count Eight False Statements
Michael Ricci
Count Nine Tax Fraud Conspiracy
James Marcello, Michael Marcello, Joseph Venezia and Thomas Johnson
Forfeiture $10 Million
and 5533 West 25th St., Cicero

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