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Mob Lawyers
The Legal Eagles who Defend/Represent
the Mob & Their Pals

Allan Ackerman
(reputed mob hitman Harry Aleman)
See Harry Aleman Page

Ed Gensen (Gillespie partner)

Terence Gillespie (Gensen Partner)
(Infelise associate & racketeer Robert Salerno)
Betty Loren-Maltese

Albert J. Krieger
(John "The Dapper Don" Gotti)
See Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano page

Art Nasser
(John LaGiglio)

Charles Schneider
Betty Loren-Maltese

Patrick Tuite
(Rocco Infelise)

Ed Vrdolyak

Vrdolyak Ties to Wrong Man Murder Hit Man
Cops in the Wrong Man Murder Case
Vrdolyak's Controversial History
Vrdolyak Represents Murdered Chicago Cop Mike Garner
Betty Loren-Maltese
Vrdolyak Impliccated in Silver Shovel Probe -- June 1997

Helps Mob Princess Axe Good Cops -- April 1997
Vrdolyak and links to Ferriola

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